LayDry KIDS Bed Pads
LayDry KIDS Bed Pads
LayDry KIDS Bed Pads
LayDry KIDS Bed Pads

LayDry KIDS Bed Pads

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There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep. LayDry bed pads provide comfort, security, and the reassurance of dryness throughout the night giving you a good night’s sleep. For those with sensitive skin, LayDry is latex and binder free.

LayDry KIDS bed pads make it possible for your child to enjoy a good night’s rest so they can discover the world during the day. Plus, they are perfect for the transition from toddler to adolescent.

Thanks to SuperCore technology, LayDry bed pads provide comfort, security and dryness unmatched by any current competitive bed pad, underpad or bed mat. SuperCore traps liquid and odors inside, so the bed pad reliably ensures your child sleeps on a dry surface all night.

Additional Features:

  • Ultra Absorbent: Holds and disperses up to 4-1/2 cups of liquid keeping KIDS dry all night.
  • Leakproof: Plastic backsheet is waterproof to prevent leakage onto beds.
  • Secure: Non-slip backsheet with stay-in-place strips deliver optimal protection for a secure, comfortable, peaceful  night's sleep.
  • Softness: Topsheet is soft and breathable providing all night comfort.
  • Portable: Slim, fold-up design makes LayDry KIDS ideal for travel and can work as a changing pad in car or store.
  • Easy Disposal: Roll up, throw in trash then replace.
  • Application: Perfect for any size or type of bed.
  • Premium Quality: McAirlaid’s has over 20 years of experience making absorbent products and are proud to be Made in the USA.
  • Quantity: 10 pads per box.

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